October 6, Tuesday

Panel discussion. Current state and legislatiion reforms in the field of water resources management

Session. Financing and investments into Ukrainian water industry

Individual negotiations with financial institutions

Conference. Modern aspects of design and construction of Ukrainian water facilities
- Actual legislation changes in the field of regulation of water facilities construction
- Modern design and construction technologies
- Procurement and project features with the involvement of international financial institutions
- Certification and advanced training of design engineers - the necessary conditions for compliance of hydraulic facilities to world standards

Invited for participation:
- design, engineering, construction organizations, general contractors
- design and production services of water utilities and industrial enterprises
- suppliers of equipment and technologies
- scientific and educational institutions
- control services
- municipal and state authorities

Conference. Rehabilitation and development of Ukrainian water basin
- physical treatment and dredging
biological treatment, fish stocking

Conference. Construction, repair and operation of onshore hydraulic structures, flood control
barrages, dams and embankments
docks and port infrastructure
water intake systems
drainage systems and water treatment facilities
early flood warning systems and flood control

Conference. Hydraulic structures in agricultural industry
irrigation and drainage
water supply and treatment facilities in animal husbandry

Conference. Hydrology, construction and operation of wells
best available technologies for underground water extraction

Conference. Underwater construction
oil and gas industry, pipelines
bridge pillars

Seminar. Role of environmental laboratories in the reform of Ukrainian water resources monitoring

Open seminars of international and domestic suppliers of equipment and integrated solutions for water resources management


Water resources management in Ukrainian regions
October 7, Wednesday

SEMINAR Water resources management in Kyiv city

Organizer: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, Kyiv City State Administration
Moderator: Andriy Malevanyi, Head of Ecology and Natural Resources Department, Kyiv City State Administration

Seminar topics:
- monitoring of water resources
- the state of reservoirs of Kyiv city
- water supply and drainage
- operation of networks and reservoirs of Kyiv city
- control of compliance with environmental legislation

Preliminary invited speakers:
- Petro Panteleyev, Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration
- Kostyantyn Yalovyi, Chairman of Standing Committee on Environmental Policy of Kyiv City Council
- Dmytro Naumenko, Head of Housing and Communal Infrastructure Department of Kyiv City State Administration
- Dmytro Novitskyi, Chairman of the Board – General Director of Kyivvodokanal
- Vitaliy Boyarchuk, acting Director General of ME "Pleso"
- Mykola Kulbida, Director of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center
- Oleh Ruban, Head of the Main Department of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection in Kyiv
- Svitlana Kozlovska, Director of Specialized Water Utility "Kyivvodfond"
- Serhiy Volkov, State Environmental Inspectorate of the Metropolitan District

Invited for participation:
specialists of water utilities and enterprises, South-Western Railway, Kyiv River Port, Kyiv Hydroelectric Power Plant, representatives of industrial enterprises of fuel and energy complex, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries

SEMINAR. Water complex reform in Dnipropetrovsk region

Organizer: Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council
Moderator: Olexiy Angurets, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council for the Executive Office - Head of the Ecology, Energy Saving and Investments Department

Seminar topics:
• Regional water resources. Monitoring, recovery, operation, security
• Municipal water supply and sewerage. Investment attraction
• Industrial water supply. Pollution reduction and environmental pollution

- Ecology Department of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration
- Basin Department of Water Resources of the Lower Dnipro River
- Regional office of water resources in Dnipropetrovsk region
- Dniprovodokanal
- DTEK Pavlogradugol
- Dneprovsk Metallurgical Plant

Invited for participation:
specialists of water utilities and enterprises, representatives of industrial enterprises of fuel and energy complex, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, public associations, scientists


Simultaneous translation will be provided during working sessions: Ukrainian / English / Russian languages