Confirmed participants 31.01.20

Hydro-Engineering-ExpoNEFCO - Nordic Environment Finance Corporation - Financial institution

Holly Industrial - Designing, engineering

Green Environmental solution enterprises (Philippines) - General contractor, construction, Water treatment technologies and equipment

Department of underwater ship repair and hydraulic works - Designing, engineering, divers, measuring services, underwater technical works / services on GTS, repair of vessels afloat

Institute of Geoinformatics - Designing, engineering, IT services, automation, dispatching

Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs - Public organization

Abengoa (Spain) - Design, engineering, General contractor, construction

Spetsmetalurhmontazh - Machinery Supplier, General Contractor, Construction, Sludge & Sludge Recycling & Disposal, Hydromechanization

Novosvit - Hydropower

Geo Engineering - Supplier of Engineering, Design, Engineering, Water Treatment Technologies and Equipment

Promenerhiia - IT services, automation, dispatching, control and measuring equipment, accounting, monitoring systems

Aries Marine and Engineering Services (UAE) - Ship designing, ballast water management, exhaust gas scrubber

Hydromasina Hungary kft (Hungary) - Supplier of machinery

Nadeem Trading Corporation (Pakistan) - Exporter Importer Contractor and General Order Supplier all sorts commercial