Confirmed participants Hydro Engineering and WWM - 28.02.20

Hydro-Engineering-ExpoNEW Exhibitor:

Donau Chemie / Kehim - Production and distribution of inorganic chemicals for various industrial applications as well as the development, manufacture and distribution of solutions for water treatment


Industrial enterprises:

Eco Avto Titan - Water purification technologies and equipment




Local authorities:

Housing and utilities department of Mykolaiv regional state administration


Scientific and educational institutions:

National University of Water and Environment Engineering

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


Enrvest (Israel) - Water & Energy consulting

Duglas Alliance - Design, Engineering, General Contractor, Construction, Hydropower

Pakistan Agricultura Scientists Forum - Water supply, sewerage enterprise

Dim Ekologii - Supplier of Engineering, Design, Engineering, Water Treatment Technologies and Equipment

3D Ground - Designing, engineering

TESLA ENERGO - Design, Engineering, General Contractor, Construction, Biogas, Hydropower

NIPPON KOEI CO., LTD. (Japan) - Design, engineering, Consultant Engineers

GeoBudService - Design, Engineering, General Contractor, Construction, Area Reclamation, Irrigation, Drainage

STREAM-ENERGY COMPANY - Equipment of water supply, drainage and sewerage networks (pipes, pumps, hatches, foundations, trenchless technologies, etc.)

Development-Consulting company Garde - Provision of consulting services on international programs

Ecbit - Design and Engineering

Biogas-Consult - Equipment Supplier, Equipment for Water Supply, Water Supply and Sewerage Networks (Pipes, Pumps, Hatches, Foundries, Trenchless Technologies, etc.), Biogas